Insurance Litigation - FAQs

The firm has compiled a list of frequently asked questions involving Litigation, Divorce, Wills and Estates :

1. Do you handle cases for people injured in accidents?

Yes, we handle all types of cases for people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents, on the job accidents, by faulty products or professional negligence. There are some cases that we cannot accept due to other clientele. We consider these on a case by case basis. There is no consultation charge for these cases. Our fee is usually a percentage of the gross amount received.

2. Do you handle cases other than civil litigation?

Yes, we handle almost all types of litigation to include divorce and family law cases, except criminal cases in General Sessions Court. We do handle criminal cases in Magistrate Court.

3. How much do you charge for divorce cases?

The charge for divorce cases depends upon the complexity of the case which can vary widely. Our fee is $750.00 plus court costs of approximately $150.00 for an uncontested divorce (no children, no alimony, etc.).

4. Is there an initial charge for consultation with a divorce case?

Yes, a consultation in a divorce case is $250.00 for which the divorce law in South Carolina, the various issues involved in that individual's case and what may occur should a divorce action be filed and take place are discussed.

5. Do you prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney?

Yes, we prepare simple Wills and those which include simple trusts. We also prepare Powers of Attorney to include Durable and Healthcare Powers of Attorney.